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Founder of FX Restoration, Karl Lawley, discovered his love for cars, and especially a passion for classic Porsches while spending part of his childhood living in Germany in the late '70s and early '80s.  As a teenager back in the US, Porsches were the dream cars that were pictured on posters, and were certainly not attainable.  So, at 15 years old, Karl worked on a team restoring classic Ford Mustangs, where he learned many vital mechanical and restoration skills that would serve him throughout his career. 

After spending some time restoring classic Datsun Z cars, Karl was finally able to purchase his first Porsche, which was a rundown 1986 944.  After restoring the 944 back to a reasonable level of its former glory, he joined the Porsche Club and began taking it to track events, which naturally led to the purchase of other Porsches, Porsche restorations and performance upgrades.  Also, he discovered the need for better aerodynamic components for street and track Porsches, and in 1999 Fiberwerks Products (AKA FX Aero) was born.

After spending 16 years focused on producing the best aftermarket Porsche aero components for the 997, 996, 986, and 944, Karl's passion for the classic Porsche models never died; nor did his love of restoring classic cars back to their former glory.  So, in 2016 FX Restoration was founded to focus on the resurrection of some of the world's most loved classic sports cars. 

FX Restoration has the knowledge and experience to make your classic Porsche dreams come true.  Give us a call today at 559-859-7074 to discuss your classic Porsche restoration project.


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FX Restoration is not associated with Porsche Cars North America, Inc. or any of its dealers.  The name Porsche®, 997, 996, 986, 944, 914, 911, 912, 356, Carrera, images, and Porsche crests appear for clarification purposes only.  No affiliation with, or sponsorship or approval by the Porsche organization is intended or implied.