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1984 Porsche 911 Carrera


Soda blast and sand underside of decklid to remove rust and flaking paint. Feather window areas. Sand door jambs to remove flaking paint.

Remove front driver side fender for sand blasting fuel filler section. Repair damaged lip.
Repair damaged rear valance. Sand and prep front and rear bumpers.

Sand body damage - hood, doors, fenders, quarter panels

Sand and fill minor body dents, under hood damage repair.
Sand water channels to remove thick cracked paint.
Continue sanding and soda blasting. Looks better already!

Remove hood. continue sanding and soda blasting.

Some problem areas under the hood. We'll need to prep and paint the underside of the hood due to the lack of paint adhesion in certain areas as well as some surface rust.. Rear decklid is the same.

Continue sanding. Remove rust from quarter windows, front and rear windows with soda blasting. Sand recessed areas of decklid and soda blast.

Images show before and after rust repair.

Remove AC equipment from decklid. Remove decklid, wiring and light, begin first sanding.

Remove rear glass, quarter glass, strip decklid, remove defrost wires to glass, remaining trim and radio antenna. Car is ready for paint prep!
Disassemble rear bumper.

De-trim cowl area, front bumper, fog lights and remove door seals. Repair damage at bottom of valance.
Right door and sill trim removed. Quarter window trim removed.

Front valance, bumper, bellows, lights removed.

Rear lights, bumper, rockers, valance removed.
Dash removed.
Dash removed. Steering wheel removed.
Dash removed.
Some surface rust above the windshield.
Rust ground out and a new section welded in. Treated and sealed.
Found rust on passenger side.
Windshield removed.
Rear view mirror is also sun damaged.
Remove Windshield and Trim. Windshield seal was beyond saving as you can see.

Remove Windshield and Trim.


Remove both broken door side mirrors and replace with new. Remove and replace spark plugs. Inspect fuses and replace 2 fuses.

Flush all brake fluid from lines and replace with Pentosin Super DOT 4 and bleed system.

Remove and replace distributor cap and rotor. Drain all oil and replace with Castrol GTX 20/50. Replace Napa oil filter with new Mahle oil filter. Oil smoke at start-up is now gone. Remove and clean wheels inside and out to remove years of brake dust especially on the inside.


Porsche Restoration CA 911 1984

Remove broken wheel locks. Remove spiders and webs from under car. Remove TDC sensor.

Install new TDC sensor. Drain fuel from fuel tank and add new fuel plus fuel treatment. Remove firewall insulation. Install new TDC sensor. Install new DME relay.
Reinstall fittings and tiedowns. Reinstall driver seat, check oil level and belts. Test drive.

Test drive indicates that the engine is strong with good oil pressure, temperature, transmission, suspension, steering, and tires, however it could use a tune-up and maybe an idle control valve since it hunts a little at idle. There is a slight knocking sound detected at idle, which may need further investigation if it doesn't go away after some driving time. Old brake fluid needs to be removed and new added.

Removed and open DME relay and inspected for cracks in solder. Tested for power at fuel pump and tested pump function. Fuel pump runs when 12v is applied at fuse. Lubricated key switch so that it can turn to crank position. Jumped fuel pump relay to 12v and tried to start - no start. Inspected all fuses. Inspected and cleaned engine grounds.

Removed seat for better access to DME relay and ECU. Jumped DME relay. Pins 30 to 87 & 87B. Cranks and fuel pump runs with jumped relay - no start. Spark test completed and car has good spark. No tick from fuel injectors and no movement on tachometer. Checked for fuel pressure at fuel rail. Has fuel pressure, but old fuel odor present. Checked for voltage at fuel injectors. No voltage present.


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